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Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet has been offering gluten-free products to sensitive gourmets in Nova Scotia since 2009.  With a 100% dedicated gluten-free production kitchen in Martins Point, Lunenburg County, co-owners Jen Laughlin and Aidan Brunn, along with a small but mighty team of bakers make small batch goodies--from potato-millet bread to decadent brownies, from flaky biscuits to gooey butter tarts--by hand, and with the freshest ingredients with an emphasis on local. 

Schoolhouse's aim is to provide fresh, delicious, and nutrient-packed gluten-free options to consumers at farmers' markets, independant retailers, cafes and restaurants in Nova Scotia. 

The wholesale side of the business provides retailers and cafes with an opportunity to provide safe and delicious gluten-free products that are made in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen.  They are proud to be vendors at three local Farmers Market's to directly listen to their customers needs, get feedback on products, focus on understanding product development needs and provide folks with information and support.

Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet is proud to be a member of The Celiac Association, Taste of Nova Scotia, Balle and Smart Select.

To consistently live and demonstrate their values, through community involvement and contribution Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet has:

  • Developed and delivered 10 cooking classes in partnership with PC Cooking School
  • Made numerous annual donations to local schools, healthy eating events, allergy awareness groups and the local celiac association.
  • Participated in the Maritime Heart Center Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook.
  • Annually sponsored a gluten-free family for Christmas and organized the donation of the entire Christmas meal.
  • Made numerous presentations to hospitals, schools, and allergy support groups about a gluten-free lifestyle.
  • Donated to Diabetes and Children’s Camps across Nova Scotia to ensure kids are receiving safe and tasty gluten-free foods when away from home.

Thanks for your interest in Schoolhouse Gluten-free Gourmet! We are happy to talk to you about the work we do, so please get in touch by phone or email. Though we make our products in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen in beautiful Lunenburg County, we do not have a storefront of our own. 


Aidan Brunn is a co-owner, along with his wife, Jen Laughlin, of Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet, a 100% dedicated gluten-free production kitchen in Martins Point, Nova Scotia. Aidan gew up on a farm in Northwestern Ontario, and has always eaten fresh, homemade food in tune with the seasons. He worked in the food industry through university, and as he travelled the world. And when he was diagnosed with Celiac disease a few years ago, he discovered that healthful, easy, gluten-free , on-the-go options were few and far between,  So when he and Jen were looking to start a business, they decided to bring their passion for fresh, local food to bear, and Schoolhouse Gluten-Free was bon. Aidan loves kayaking, gardening cooking, great music, and the natural beauty of Nova Scotia's south shore, which he's proud to call home.


Jen Laughlin is a co-owner, along with her husband, Aidan Brunn of Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet, a 100% dedicated gluten-free production kitchen in Martins Point, Nova Scotia. When Aidan was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Jen stepped up to support  him, adopting a gluten-free diet herself, and strengthening her passion for the local fresh food movement. When a fruitless search for healthful, fresh, gluten-free on-the-go options coincided with the couple's desire to start a business, Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet was born. Jen loves a good book, strong coffee in the morning, gardening, cooking, and the natural beauty of Nova Scotia's south shore, which she's proud to call home.