Thanks to everyone who helped us get off the ground, to those of you who told someone else about our new venture, and to all of you who have tasted our gluten-free products and have come back for more!


Aidan's journey:

It has been quite a road that has taken me to this point and one I never expected to be on. I had the privilege of growing up on an organic farm in Northwestern Ontario . We grew most of our own food and what we didn’t, we would trade or buy from neighbouring farms. We ate with the seasons and what was available and were connected to our food. My mom is an amazing cook and she inspired a love of food in me from a young age. It wasn’t too suprising that I fell into the food industry while going to university and it later proved to be an excellent means to travel the world and work along the way. Over the years, working in the restaurant industry, the film industry and as a caterer I became frustrated with the direction food had taken. 



The new trends were creating tremendous demand for global food products; the ethical and moral compromises I felt I had to make to continue to work in that industry were simply too much. How had food production and creation so desperately lost its way? What had happened to fresh, locally-sourced, organic seasonal living?

About nine years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Frustrated and overwhelmed with the dietary changes I had to make, I was even more upset with the lack of affordable, quality gluten-free food options on the market. 

Before long we started to make our own gluten-free foods and discovered that they surpassed any gluten-free products we’d bought.  We sought out organic and local ingredients as much as possible.  Friends on gluten-free diets and gluten-eaters alike started to freak out.  They couldn’t tell the difference and frankly, we couldn’t make our goodies fast enough.

The idea of returning to the food industry began to roll around.  We had a number of beautiful, gluten-free products that had improved our quality and enjoyment of life.  Gluten-free living had become so much easier.  We wanted to share what we’d created not just with our hungry pals – but with you, to offer you gluten-free alternatives that will make your life a little easier too.


I hope you enjoy our products, please let us know if you do!  We’ve worked hard to create our gluten-free goodies for you to enjoy, sustain or spoil youself!

Aidan Brunn

Martins Point, Lunenburg County
Nova Scotia



Jen's journey:

When Aidan was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I decided the best way to support his dietary changes was to become gluten-free myself. At first I was overwhelmed and intimidated in the kitchen with all the new ingredients and information. However, once I jumped in and started to learn about the gluten-free lifestyle and all of the exciting new ingredients, I couldn’t be stopped. I was truly amazed at the increase in my own energy level and mood.


After conquering my own kitchen fears, I decided to try out my new gluten-free lifestyle when I was out and about in my day.

I was shocked to discover how difficult it was to find a gluten-free "anything." Suddenly, I had no little nibbles to have with my coffee and finding lunch on the go was truly a nightmare. Most of the gluten-free products I found at grocery stores or health food stores tasted terrible, were full of sugar and artificial fillers, and used ingredients that lacked any nutritional value. 

I found myself asking: Where are the local hand-made gluten-free goodies made from high quality ingredients I needed, when my life got too hectic for me to make them at home?

I am proud to say that the answer to my question is now being created by my partner, Aidan and brought to you by Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet. 

Jen Laughlin

Martins Point, Lunenburg County
Nova Scotia