Eating healthful, gluten-free foods has its challenges, as you've no doubt discovered. Producing healthful, gluten-free foods has its own challenges. We prioritize local economies where we can, but never at the expense of safe ingredients. And due to the nature of our ingredients, many are simply not produced or available in Canada from safe gluten-free and allergy-friendly sources. We are constantly working on supplier relationships to address product origin ethics and to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

We are proud to use as many local ingredients as possible to support other Nova Scotian producers in efforts to encourage organic, ethical, sustainable farming practices and bio-regionalism.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to all of our suppliers who have helped us get off the ground.  Your support, encouragement and creative problem-solving have been greatly appreciated. 

Our Local Nova Scotian Producers:


Hutchinsons Nova Scotia Maple Products from Aylesford
They provide us with delicious maple syrup.

Delong Farms Ltd. from New Germany
(902) 644-2718
They provide us with our eggs.

Farmers Dairy from Hammonds Plains
They provide us with our butter, gluten-free yogurt, cream and buttermilk.

Hutten Family Farms from Lakeville
They provide us with our fresh fruits and vegetables for our seasonal holiday products.

Just Us! from Wolfville
They provide us with organic cane sugar, organic cocoa camino and dark chocolate coverture.

Terra Beata Farms from Heckman's Island
They provide us with amazing dried cranberries and dried apples.

Valley Flax Flour from Middleton
They provide us with ground flax seeds and flax flour which is a critical component of our nutritious gluten-free flour mix.

Our Producers:

Jamestown Mills Inc.
They provide us with brown rice flour, sorghum flour, millet flour, tapioca starch and xanthan gum. This is a dedicated gluten-free flour mill located in Aylmer, Ontario.

They provide us with organic quinoa flakes, organic quinoa puffs and organic amaranth puffs.
This facility does not produce any wheat products.

H. Naraghi Farms
Almonds packaged at the almond farm that have not had contact with any other seeds or nuts.

Lundberg Farms
They provide us with brown-rice syrup. They are certified gluten-free and the brown rice syrup is not derived from barley.

Ontario Natural Food Co-operative
They provide us with organic pumpkin seeds, organic and organic sulphite-free raisins for our granola.
All seeds and raisins are packaged in a separate room from peanuts.

They provide us with chia seeds. A peanut-free facility.

Simple Treasures
They provide us with organic brown rice flakes. This facility does not produce any wheat products.

Wholesome Sweetners

They provide us with organic unsulphered blackstrap molasses.