These are our Very Important Frequently Asked Questions (VIFAQs). If your question is here and answered, great! If not, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

I’m on a gf diet? What can I eat?

All of our products are gluten-free. You can eat all of them! Hurrah!

I can’t have soy. Can I eat Schoolhouse products?

We do not use soy in any of our products. It is an allergen. We’ve got your back.

Why do you use dairy and eggs in many of your products?

Honestly, it is really tricky to make a quality consistent product that tastes good without one or both of them, and to keep it affordable for you.

What about butter?

We use butter in many of our products. Butter and greek yogurt are the only dairy products we use.

Do you use eggs?

We use local eggs in many of our products. It is hard to be soy free and egg free as most egg replacers have soy in them. We do have a few vegan products and are constantly working on new additions.

Are you peanut-free?

Yes, indeedy! All of our ingredients are produced in facilities or by producers that DO NOT handle peanuts.

Are you nut-free?

We do use almonds in facility for our granola. The almonds come directly from an almond grower and are exclusively packaged at the almond farm to ensure they are peanut-free. Proceed as you see fit.

Are your products corn-free?

We do not use corn flour as it is an allergen.

What Schoolhouse products are dairy-free?

Pumpkin Muffin, Supernova Muffin, Orange Cranberry Muffin, Granola, Focaccia Rounds, Gingersnaps, Holy Cow! Cake, Lemon Cake, Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie, Donut, Cupcakes, and Cinnamon buns. We also have a Dairy-Free Package.

What schoolhouse products are egg-free (vegan)?

Gingersnaps, Granola, Donut, Cupcakes and Cinnamon buns

Are all of your products organic?

Not all of them, but we try our best to source organic ingredients (like our flours!) as much as possible.

Are you non-GMO?

Yes. No funny business around here.

Are your products celiac safe?

We bake all of our products in our dedicated gluten-free facility. We only produce gluten-free products in our facility – full stop. All of our ingredients are certified as gluten-free. We annually are audited by CFIA under the gluten-free labelling laws of the Canadian federal government.

How do you sweeten your products?

Using unsweetened applesauce.

Do you bake custom cakes?

We only bake….. for pick up at the Seaport Farmers Market. They also can be delivered within HRM using our online store. Contact jen@schoolhouseglutenfreegourmet.com

Do you ship your products?

Orders are due by 3 pm. Products can also be shipped to HRM every Friday. Orders are due by 3 pm on Wednesday.

How much does shipping cost?

HRM change to $5.00. Pick up at the Schoolhouse is Free.

Shipping Notes to Remember

Orders are due every Monday by 3pm.

What kind of flours do you use?

We use millet, brown rice, sorghum, tapioca starch, potato starch, white rice flour, arrowroot flour, potato flour, and flax flours.

Do you have a storefront?

The Schoolhouse is a production facility. You may purchase our products to have delivered directly to your door in a rather fantastic box or shop directly from one of our many retailers in NS and NB. Click here to see the list.

What farmer's markets do you attend?

Every Saturday we attend the Seaport Market in Halifax from 7am-3pm. Thursday (in the summer months) we attend the Lunenburg Farmers Market in Lunenburg from 8am-12pm.

How long do your products stay fresh?

We do not use any additive chemicals to maintain freshness. Most products have a refrigerated shelf life of 5-7 days in an air tight container. Granola will hold for 2 months in an air-tight container.

Can I freeze the muffins or any of your other products?

Yes! All of our products maintain their freshness and integrity when frozen for you to enjoy anytime!

Can I place a custom cake order?

We only create custom cakes by pre-order for pick-up at our three farmers locations or pick up directly from the Schoolhouse in Martins Point. Custom cake orders require three days notice.

How do I place a pre-order for the farmer's market?

Send you Farmer's Market pre-order to jen@schoolhouseglutenfreegourmet.com.

Can I buy your products online?

Yes. Check out our online store to meet your gluten-free baking needs!

Do you have gift cards?

No. But, you can gift a box of love in our gifting section on this website. There are a ton of options for you to buy for your loved ones. We will even curate it for you! Click here.

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