Our Story

How We Do It

We operate our 100% dedicated gluten-free kitchen in a 150 year-old converted schoolhouse in rural Nova Scotia, a stone’s throw from the sea. Our small-but-mighty dedicated and talented group of 5 hardworking women take great care to make it all happen by hand, in small batches. We carefully select 100% natural quality ingredients. We take pride in creating delicious and unique gluten-free foods.

It takes an extensive network of folks to create our gluten-free baked goods from the ground up: farmers, producers, suppliers, customers, retail partners. We believe this community and the relationships we’ve fostered is what makes us unique. We know our suppliers on a first name basis. We know when the grains have been harvested, when the flour has been milled, when the berries have been picked. We believe making high-quality products requires strong, honest relationships.

We love what we do, and you can taste the love in the food we make!

What We Are About

We are determined to create the best gluten-free baking you will ever taste; using local, high-quality power-packed ingredients. We don’t use factory mixes, synthetic flavourings, stabilizers or dyes. We use real ingredients to make whole foods from scratch. Our products are 100% fresh and handmade in small artisanal batches.

We’re devoted to making your life easier with healthy on-the-go gluten-free foods. We understand what you’re going through, we want to help you feel better and we want to treat you like family.

We believe your body deserves great tasting gluten-free food! Trying to make that happen is what gets us out of bed early, every morning. And often keeps us up late at night (that and when our twin toddlers are sick!).

We believe that we can grow our business sustainably, through your guidance and support to connect more people to real food. That’s how we get better at what we do.

Feeling better never tasted so good.

Who We Are

Ten years ago Aidan was diagnosed with Celiac disease and was frustrated and overwhelmed with the dietary changes and the lack of quality gluten-free food options. Before long we started making our own gluten-free foods and discovered they surpassed any gluten-free products on the market. Gluten-free living had become so much easier. Friends on gluten-free diets and gluten-eaters alike started to freak out. We wanted to share what we’d created not just with our hungry pals but with you, in hopes that it would make your life easier too.

In 2009, co-owners and life-partners Jen and Aidan bought a rural Nova Scotian schoolhouse in Martin’s Point, and Schoolhouse Gluten Free Gourmet was born.

We were well ahead of the trend, and then during the hurricane of 2014, we had twin girls. And it brought us to our knees. Parenting has been the hardest and most rewarding thing we’ve ever done. It has cracked us wide open (in the best way possible).

We are passionate entrepreneurs, with backgrounds in food and business. We give it our best shot to show up every day to be the best version of ourselves for us, our kids and for you.

We believe that the key to a good life is built on a few pillars: surround yourself with a positive community of like-minded people to inspire and motivate you to continually evolve, take care of yourself with good nutrition and physical activity because you deserve it, and remain connected to the earth and sea because it’s as fundamental as breathing. We love where we live. We are proud to call Nova Scotia home.

We work hard so we can spend the rest of our time exploring the Maritimes with our girls Asha and Sadie in our 1975 orange Westfalia bus named Lucky. We are usually salty from the sea with sand between our toes, having the time of our lives.

We’ve worked hard to create our gluten-free food for you to enjoy, sustain or spoil yourself!

With open hearts,


♥ Aidan Brunn (He/Him)
& Jen Laughlin (She/Her) ♥


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