Muffin Club

People love Schoolhouse gluten-free muffins! Our farmers market customers have been crushing on our muffins for years. This is where the muffin club was born.

Why join the muffin club? They are a delicious instant low calorie GF snack on the go; a great healthy option for kids and they freeze beautifully.

What kinds of muffins do we make? Orange Cranberry Muffins, Supernova Muffins and our award winning Pumpkin Muffins. **disclaimer all muffins are dairy-free and addictive. You’ve been fore-warned.

What you get: 24 individually wrapped mix and match muffins delivered directly to your door. Muffins stay fresh 4 days refrigerated and freeze and thaw beautifully for you to grab on-the-go on your way to work, school or play.

24 muffins per month/$35 per 2 dozen/Mix and match muffins

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