5-Minute Power Breakfast Sandwich


1 person

Prep Time

5 mins

Good For


Breakfast anyone?

It takes time to adjust to the new September schedule. Whether you’re returning to school yourself, have kids in school, new career endeavours or are off on a new adventure…sometimes starting the day off on the right foot with proper nourishment can be tricky! It can be a rush just to get everyone (and yourself) together and out the door ‘on time’.

A morning breakfast sandwich never fails! Quick, healthy and satisfying. Easy enough to make as long as you can find 5 minutes. And we can always find 5 minutes, right? This quick, easy and simple variation isn’t anything new, really – but it has become a favourite for us. Great taste, texture and it’s FUN to make!


  • One egg
  • A fresh bell pepper (green, red, yellow, orange)
  • Fresh herbs (anything you have on hand)
  • Crumbled cheese of your choice
  • Bun/bread of your choice 
  • Sea salt + pepper to taste


Simply slice a ring of any fresh pepper of your choice and prepare your pan as you would to fry an egg.

Fry the pepper ring for 10 seconds on each side, and then… crack an egg into it! Voila – a perfect egg mold! Add your fresh herbs (whatever catches your fancy) – it’s kind of like a mini-omelette. Flip after a few minutes, add crumbled cheese, sea salt and pepper and you’re ready to go.

Serve on a bun of your choice with lettuce and tomato! Enjoy. Now you’re ready to tackle the day!

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