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‘Be Well’

Why ‘Be Well’? Part blog, part safe community space where we can be 100% truthful, open and honest with you.  A place where we can share real life stories and experiences – the honest reality of all the highs, lows and in-betweens we face on a daily basis.  We will share our reviews and recommendations of products/services and all the ‘Things We Love’; tools and resources that you can use to live a mindful and intentional lifestyle, health and wellness tips, our travels in our 1975 orange westy…. and so much more.

Note: Please keep in mind that we are not paid to sell/promote any products or services mentioned here. As the title suggests, these are things we love; things we use in our daily lives and have encountered personal benefits. It is important to be clear that we are not doctors, nutritionists nor medical professionals. We’re simply here to share our stories, experiences and perspectives with you.

Things We Love: bandha bars

Gluten-free living lends itself to a lot of challenges. Nothing unmanageable, but it certainly requires extra planning and forethought. Sometimes, I have to admit—I can’t always get it together. The planning or lunch packing. There are moments when as much as I would...

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Things We Love: Thank You Cards

Every year, I try to put together a family card that celebrates the past year and looks forward to the new memories that the upcoming year will bring.Why a card to signify this? I love sending and receiving mail.I love that there is something tangible that I can hold...

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Things We Love: Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga mushrooms are powerful adaptogens that grow slowly on birch trees; obtaining nutrients from the trees themselves to become a highly beneficial superfood. If you’re looking to add just one superfood to your diet regularly this year — this is it. Hands down, the...

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