Gluten-free living lends itself to a lot of challenges. Nothing unmanageable, but it certainly requires extra planning and forethought. Sometimes, I have to admit—I can’t always get it together. The planning or lunch packing. There are moments when as much as I would like to make my own snacks or meals; I need to rely on someone else. That’s where bandha bars come in.

Handmade locally in Halifax, Nova Scotia; these tiny power bars pack a gluten-free punch of healthy goodness. They’re easy to grab on the go, nutrient dense with a fine balance of all the right ingredients – and they have a ton of great flavours, too.

I am still undecided as to which is my favourite flavour. It’s too hard to choose between the Almond Chia Dark Chocolate, Cashew Cocoa, Blueberry Apple Spice or the Cranberry Dark Chocolate as they’re all vegan, gluten-free and delicious! I don’t think I’ve ever found an entire product line that I can completely rely on and trust—aside from Schoolhouse, that is! 😉

Created by Ryan DesRoches, a former competitive cyclist, his aim was to develop an optimal training snack with a short, natural and pronounceable ingredient list. I use the bars regularly to support my busy lifestyle; from long shifts in the kitchen to a pre or post-swim, paddling or surf snack. The bandha bar team handmakes thousands of bars each week, which is amazing, and I also appreciate that the packaging is recyclable and that they have options to buy in bulk from local retailers with no packaging at all!

Want to pick up some for yourself? Check out their website here to learn more!
Good for the body and easy on the environment. Thank you, Ryan… we love bandha bars!

Onward and up,

P.S. Just in case you want to know how the bulk purchasing system works, we’ve included a quick breakdown on cost and schedule for refrigerated delivery. This is based on bandha’s small/medium boxes. The team usually quotes based on size/weight, etc. You can get in touch with them with questions you may have: 1.902.403.3530 or email

These are the base costs to any existing locations they service, or to another location within their vicinity:
1 box / location = $16+ HST
Extra box / location = $4.75+ HST

2 boxes to 1 location = $20.75
5 boxes to 1 location = $35.00

May 8:  Truro—Amherst—NB Triangle
(Moncton – Sussex – St. John – Fredericton); Depart at ~7AM
May 15: South Shore & Valley
May 21: PEI (once every 4 weeks)
May 22: Truro—Amherst—NB Triangle
May 29: South Shore & Valley
…. and onwards bi-weekly 

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