I recently found out I have a sensitivity to Wheat and Glutinous Grains. I have found the transition from my old pantry and fridge contents to be relatively painless except for one area. Bread. I have tried every gluten free bread available at every store in Halifax. Most were thrown in the compost, one brand was returned to the store. I had come across a couple of “pretty close” options which I eat on a usually bi-weekly basis, to fill that “bread” craving, until I was at Pete’s Frootique in Bedford last night and spotted a loaf of your Potato Millet Bread. On the way home from the store, I kept reaching over and kneading the bread, shocked at how “bread like” it was, all the while thinking it would be just like the rest of them when I got it home. I immediately opened the bag upon my arrival home. The smell was mouthwatering. I popped one fat middle piece into the toaster and buttered a heel for my curiosity. I can’t even tell you the thoughts that ran through my head as I ate that first piece. I actually checked the bag to make sure it was in fact gluten free. The toast I demolished in two seconds…then another…another this morning…and I will have French toast for the first time in months tomorrow (my personal fave breakfast!) Half the loaf is gone and it has only been in my house for 24 hrs. Thank you for creating such wonderfully amazing gluten free food for us to eat!

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