Aidan and I had a long journey to having children. They grew in our hearts for many, many years before they grew inside my body. When our healthy twin girls were born, they were our little miracles. It was a lifelong dream, at long last coming to fruition. 5 months after they were born, a darkness slowly crept into my body. It was a slow progression, at first, but it eventually took over my body, head and heart completely.

That’s right. Postpartum Depression. For me, it manifested itself as fear and anxiety. I will never forget the day that I finally gained the courage to sit Aidan down and tell him that we were probably going to lose our beautiful home and business next week. That I was so sorry. That I couldn’t stop it from happening.


He looked at me with his heart full of love, compassion and empathy and said: “Oh, my love. I think we need to go to see the doctor.”

“It’s ok.”

“I see you.”

“I’m with you.”

Up until this point, I never had experienced feelings of depression or anxiety before. It was just so unsettling and unfamiliar to me. Having to examine these fears, their root causes and the paralysis that came along with them was a huge journey in itself. One that I knew I had to crawl my way out of.

It goes without saying that I had to ask for support, for help with everything. I had to create a strict bedtime routine that allowed me to get the sleep I so desperately needed. On a good night, I would usually only get 4-5 precious hours. I had to accept my new reality, the reality that would allow me to focus on loving and nurturing my new self.

Four years later, I’ve finally reached a place inside of myself that allows me to live comfortably alongside and with my anxiety. I have a powerful toolbox of strategies that I created that help me work through it. I am finally comfortable in this new skin. I’ve learned so much about practicing self-care (especially at bed time) that I still use every single night.

Something that I also take to help support my journey moving forward is Ashwaganda tincture. I use it daily to help me stay calm, and I also use Nourished Magnesium Cream on my lower abdomen in the evenings right before bed. I first started by taking Magnesium orally, but I was encouraged to apply the cream to my lower abdomen because that is where the magnesium is best absorbed. Topical Magnesium has a much better absorption rate than oral Magnesium, and that’s why so many people claim to notice better and faster results.

A few of the main reasons why I have been so diligent about using Nourished Magnesium Cream over the past five years is because it helps promote deeper sleep, increased energy levels, and assists in balancing hormones (which in turn helps keep depression and anxiety at bay).

Nourished is a handmade self-care company that we love. A brand that prides itself in using some of the most potent and effective ingredients of the earth. They offer a wide array of products ranging from creams (as we discussed above), body sprays and deodorants. They are based in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, and their products are produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Their products are natural, non-toxic and nutritive.

We encourage you to check them out here:
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In health and happiness,

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